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fruitweb Stations

Weather stations and frost warning devices for highest demands

▪ Location-independent transmission via mobile radio modem

▪ Transmission interval of only 1 minute

▪ Station configurations for the requirements in fruit growing

▪ Low maintenance due to robust technology

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fruitweb SC/FW Wetterstation
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fruitweb App

All information at a glance

▪ Forecast models for important pests in fruit growing

▪ Frostwecker - innovative frost warning system

▪ Counselling messages directly to your mobile phone

▪ Detailed weather forecast / rain radar / storm warnings

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fruitweb Schorf

fruitweb Forecast Models

For important diseases and pests in fruit growing

▪ Weather data based decision support

▪ Apple scab, fire blight, apple mildew and others

▪ Codling moth, apple blossom weevil, apple sawfly and others

▪ Access via fruitweb app and website

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Welcome to fruitweb

We are specialists in processing weather data in fruit growing. With the Frostwecker, fruitweb GmbH offers an innovative frost warning system, as well as numerous forecast models for important diseases and pests in fruit growing (e.g. scab, mildew, fire blight, codling moth, etc.). Our services ranges from weather data recording (hardware) and data processing to presentation of data and models in the fruitweb app.

Weather stations

fruitweb weather stations and frost warning devices are characterized by high reliability, precise sensor technology and a transmission interval of only 1 minute.

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Forecast models

Our weather data-based forecast models for important diseases and pests in fruit growing support fruit growers in their decisions.

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Frost warning

With our innovative frost warning system, you are on the safe side when it comes to monitoring, forecasting and alarming in frosty nights.

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fruitweb FW offer