The innovative frost warning system

▪ Continuous temperature monitoring via smartphone app

▪ Alarm by SMS, telephone or a combination

▪ Detailed weather forecast for your location

▪ Prognosis of the lowest temperature on a radiation night

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Frost warning device

▪ e.g. fruitweb FW or fruitweb FW-R

▪ Precision wet bulb and dry bulb thermometer

▪ Solar powered, GPRS-Radio modem

▪ Transmission interval 1 minute

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Data transmission

▪ Direct SMS from station to mobile phone

▪ Data transmission via mobile radio to the station manufacturer

▪ Provision of the data in the fruitweb Frostwecker-App

▪ Alarm when temperature threshold is reached

SMS, phone call or a combination og both

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▪ Monitoring of up to 3 stations

▪ Display whether the station is sending current data

▪ Display of the set alarm thresholds

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▪ Display of the measured and predicted values

▪ Wet bulb temperature and dew point in the forecast

▪ Display of the warning threshold

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Weather forecast

Frost Warning

The fruitweb „Frostwecker“ is an innovative frost warning system that can be operated in combination with any internet-enabled weather station / frost warning device. It allows continuous temperature monitoring in frosty nights and offers a reliable wake-up service via SMS, phone call or a combination of both. Thefruitweb „Frostwecker“ is currently used by over 180 fruit farmers. Convince yourself of our service offer and trust one of the currently most efficient frost warning systems.

fruitweb App ipad und Smartphone

Individual alarm path

For many people an SMS as an alarm clock is too unsafe. For this reason you have the choice with Fostwecker: SMS, phone call or a combination of both methods.


On a frosty night, nothing can be left to chance. With the fruitweb Frostwecker you can see the temperatures of up to 3 stations on your smartphone at any time and check their functionality at a glance.

Weather Forecast

On the clearly arranged temperature graphs of the Frostwecker you can see the measured values and a local weather forecast. This allows a quick assessment of the current situation. In the radiation night forecast the possible lowest temperature is also displayed.


The Frostwecker is a service that you can book with fruitweb GmbH every year, regardless of your frost warning device. The annual fee is 85 € incl. sales tax plus any alarm fees (0.14 €/SMS, 0.60 €/phone call).

Do you have any more questions?

Then call us or send us an e-mail. We will be happy to inform you about our service offers and our frost warning devices and weather stations.

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Frost warning devices

The fruitweb frost alarm clock is a service based on exact weather data. This requires a frost warning device or a weather station which can provide the weather data in short intervals on an internet server (at least every 15 minutes). Every station that fulfils this condition can be integrated into the Frost Alarm Clock.

The fruitweb FW and fruitweb FW-R frost warning devices are particularly suitable for this purpose, as the data from the station is loaded directly onto our server – every minute:

Frostwarngerät fruitweb FW-R