fruitweb Forecast Models

Since 2008 fruitweb GmbH has been offering prognosis models for important diseases and pests in fruit growing. These are based on weather data, which are ideally measured directly in the orchard, and serve fruit growers as an important decision-making aid for upcoming control and plant protection measures. Below you will find an overview of the forecast models available from March 2020 with further explanations. The list will be continuously updated.

Apple Scab

The most important disease on apple. A precise modelling of the biology with ascospore maturation, ejection and course of infection takes place.

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Apple mildew

Simple model based on the growth behaviour of the host, as there is a particularly strong correlation between shoot growth and powdery mildew.

Fire blight

The bacterial disease fire blight is simulated in fruitweb with the help of the well established Maryblight model.

Sooty Blotch

Sooty Blotch is of particular importance in organic fruit growing. The fruitweb model provides information about the important infection periods and course of the disease.

Cherry Leaf Spot

Model for the assessment of the risk of infection with cherry leaf spot.

Rosy apple aphid

Simple temperature sum model simulating the hatching of winter eggs and the development of the young nymphs into their fundatrices.

Pear Psylla

Simple model to estimate the appearance of the adult winter forms and the development of the following generations.

Codling moth

Simulation of the population development of codling moth. Estimation of the duration of action of granulose virus treatments.

Apple sawfly

Temperature sum model for the population development of the apple sawfly.

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